Worksite Health Promotion Consulting

One service we offer to business/industry is the option to help them customize a health and fitness option for their employees.  It has been well documented in numerous places that employees that are healthier are happier, miss fewer days of work and are overall more productive and less stressed.  This contributes to an overall higher degree of satisfaction at work, which also in the long run, decreases health care costs in the form of lower insurance premiums and lost productivity for employers.

Many companies offer health promotion as a benefit in many forms. For example, work-site health promotion can encompass a discounted membership plan (dependent on a certain number of employees), group fitness classes at the work-site or at another facility, classes held at the work-site (often referred to as ‘lunch and learn’ segments) which can give more detail and information on topics of interest to the company, and also regular fitness assessments and health checks.  Often companies will hold  a health day or health fair event in which many vendors can come to provide information to employees.

CU Fitness can help with any of these above services.  We can arrange a meeting with your human resources or personnel team or individual to go over what health issues most pertain to your work site and customize the best plan for you.  We are used to working within budget constraints and can help you offer services to your employees at no extra cost to you (restrictions can apply based on what you need and want).  Ask us about how we can help get your work-site involved or allow you to utilize our facility as your health promotion headquarters!




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