Home Training with CU Fitness

Many of our clients choose to workout in their homes instead of a gym or fitness facility. This can be an attractive option but also can be limiting, depending of course on the situation.  We encourage you to consider these factors in determining if this is the right course for you:

  1. Do you work well unsupervised in your most familiar environment? In other words, will you not become distracted if you are at home and realize you have to do something else once you begin your workout?
  2. Do you have adequate space without crowding your home?
  3. Will other distractions deter you easier if you are at home? Examples would be phones ringing, people coming by, etc.
  4. Are you confident in your ability to execute your program safely without any supervision or accountability? Will you stay on track to get your time in?

People often don’t stop to think about working out at home—it can be a solution for many who aren’t comfortable in a larger gym setting.  However, it does come with its own share of limitations.  We can offer our services to the home very easily.

We would suggest setting up a consultation to meet at your home or in our facility to discuss this option first.  We never recommend investing a lot in home exercise equipment—often it isn’t utilized like it should be and becomes another fixture.  Identifying your goals and time commitment should be looked at as well.  There are often many exercises and activities that can be accomplished at home which wouldn’t require any investment other then you choosing to have us help you.  WE can set up a tailor made schedule to fit your lifestyle regardless of how often you think you would need out help.

Rates for home training vary depending on how often and the commute from our facility. All of this can be arranged to meet your budget and schedule.  Ask us for more information about this service!



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