Why CU Fitness

Why CU Fitness?

In a fitness center, it is impossible to be everything to everybody. In order for you to achieve what you want, it is important to find a ‘home’ in a place that makes you feel comfortable, a part of an organization that values you and what you want, and of course, helps you identify and meet your fitness goals. How is this done?

By choosing the best alternative to the traditional ‘gym environment’ around—CU Fitness.

At CU Fitness, we pride ourselves on being a state-of-the-art facility with credentialed staff that caters to YOU and your fitness goals. We take pride in our beautifully clean facility by getting to know you, so we can be partners in your journey to good health and fitness. We also understand that fitness is a multi-faceted concept, and that what you want to accomplish may be different from the next person, and so on, so therefore we want to make sure your program is customized to meet your goals. It is important to recognize that large gyms are helpful and motivating to a point—but if you aren’t going and utilizing their services as a member, it is time to look for something different. It might be you need to work on different variables as you get older—research has clearly delineated the link between obesity and a sedentary lifestyle—but what most people don’t understand is that being active simply isn’t enough to ensure a healthy lifestyle. We must ensure we address each variable to maximize health and fitness gains. For example, we can work on strength while addressing flexibility, stamina and balance–all of which are important in encompassing your overall fitness picture.

As we go through our lives, many events will dictate our fitness level—sometimes a positive or negative change it is within our control and sometimes it’s unexpected and hard to plan on/for. The fitness assessment is an important starting point. What is it that you really want to accomplish? Do you have a life event that you want to get in shape for? What activities do you like? What is happening in your life now that is keeping you from meeting your goals? Perhaps you are well on your way but just need a little more motivation, incentive or just some accountability. We find that encouraging activities that interest you only increase the odds of you doing and continuing to do them—if you don’t know what you like, we can help you figure that out. In fact, we can help with all of it! Having made that point clear, however, it is equally important to maintain any gains you achieve. We are experts in workout design and can use what we have done and what we still have to do to keep you trending in the direction you want.

We offer many services to help meet your needs. Some of our more popular options include personal training packages—we can customize this to meet your schedule and budget, and have many cost effective options to help you get the most for your investment. We also offer economical membership plans as well to offer you use of our beautiful facility, as well as keeping tabs on you if that is what you desire. New to the fitness industry and the Triangle are small group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes—namely a new small group training class called the GRIT SERIES (from Les Mills International) which will help give you that extra bit of individual attention and the team environment you want (See the page devoted to this exciting new program for more information!). We also offer Pilates and GYROTONIC™ sessions, and can help tailor make a program or schedule utilizing any and all of these options if that is what you want. So what are you waiting for?

Our job is to work for you—we want you to succeed—when you succeed, we succeed. Your health and fitness is a wonderful gift you can give yourself, a gift you should never take for granted. We often don’t value it enough until it is compromised in some way—through disease, disability or just life happening. Don’t let this happen to you. Let us help you Create the Ultimate You today!

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