I bet you have gone to gyms before. Maybe they worked for you, maybe not.

If they did work and you go now–I would bet you see it as a way you can get away from it all.  A release. An outlet. A way to do something for yourself.

So you can work on YOU.  The more FIT version of you.

Or maybe they didn’t work.  Picture it. Crowds. Big classes.  A schedule that didn’t work for you and your life.   And it’s a big party.

Sound familiar?

That doesn’t work for you.

What about the days when traffic is crazy? Or your schedule changes with no notice and now that time you have set aside now is now spoken for with something else?  

A last minute work commitment.  

Family obligation or conflict.

Or maybe life just happens.

And you don’t want to spend a chunk of your precious time getting to the gym.

All of these scenarios can play into why sometimes going to the gym doesn’t work.

And it becomes a turn off.  And before you know it, you are paying for a place you either don’t use, or can’t get to enough.

How do you figure out what to do?

What if I told you you HAD a solution, and you could simply LOG IN from wherever you are and get it done?  What if you could join a club and workout whenever it worked for you?

Short challenging workouts you can do ON YOUR TIME.  When it suits you. When it works for your life.

It’s’ important that we maintain a high level of fitness so we can enjoy the activities we like and LIVE the life we want.   Exercises and workouts that challenge us but allow us to have the energy, strength, stamina and power to FEEL GOOD and ENJOY LIFE.  This is what FUNCTIONAL FITNESS is!! So we are the ULTIMATE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS CLUB!

It can work for you.

How great would that be?

What if you could take us with you wherever you go, just by logging in?

And what if you could still have a community of people to help support you?  Without the crowds and all that goes with it? Would this interest you? Would you want to give it a shot?

Sound interesting?

Our BRAND NEW Ultimate Functional Fitness Club is all this!

Are you ready for warmer weather? Our 90 day Fitness Challenge can help get you ready for the beach!  Join us and get SUMMER READY –NOW!  After all, Summer bodies are made NOW!

Each week you’ll have a different challenge to do—new fitness challenges, help with your nutrition, food and meal prep ideas, and motivational help too!

And you’ll get all of us helping and cheering you on!

For just $96, JOIN US in the Club, and get in on the Challenge!   Take a listen to hear about it now!

When you JOIN NOW — Get in on the ground floor of our NEW ULTIMATE Fitness Club for only $39/month!  

So, What do you get in the ULTIMATE Fitness Club?


  • Access to our exclusive Workout and Nutrition Training Room.  Specialty trainings and workouts will be posted here for you, and each month we will add new ones for you!   
  • Access to our HEALTH CENTER FOR GOALS.  You can use this area for setting your goals and tracking your progress.  
  • KUDOS AND HIGH 5’s–our own cheering section! An area for motivation, tips for staying on track and for us to share and post your successes!
  • THE ULTIMATE FITNESS COMMUNITY.  A dedicated area where you can ask questions and take advantage of monthly check ins with us to get your questions answered.  Only available to Club members.
  • Our very own ADVISORY BOARD of experts! They will be contributing to our trainings and offering their expertise for you too!

How often does your schedule keep you from getting to the gym as often as you want?

One of the benefits of joining us is that you can have us at your fingertips (literally!) wherever you are.   Think about that.

  • when you travel for business
  • when you are too busy at work or with other obligations
  • when you just can’t get there due to logistical problems.
  • or if you just flat out don’t want to go anywhere!

THE ULTIMATE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS CLUB is for you! All of this for only $39/month NOW!

Join us today!

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